6 January 2014
6 January 2014,

We are delighted to announce the recent completion of the graphics design of the Lifebox Foundation 2013 Annual Review.

Lifebox FoundationLifebox Foundation is a global health charity working to improve the quality and safety of surgery worldwide. More than 234 million operations take place each year, but in low-resource setting countries, lack of essential equipment and training means that the risk of complications and mortality is high.  Lifebox delivers proven tools to hospitals and healthcare workers to ensure that surgery is life-saving, not life-threatening.

Having worked with the Head of Outreach for Lifebox Foundation, here is what the client said of our project:

As a global health charity, Lifebox needs to reach a diverse audience in a way that is both clear and compelling.  We were so pleased with the Annual Review created by Emmantech, which helped us to do just that.  The designer answered our brief with a creative, professional product.  He was responsive and dedicated, and we would highly recommend working with this company. 

Sarah Kessler - Head of Outreach | Lifebox Foundation

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Click on the image below to view the magazine style Lifebox Foundation 2013 Annual Review.

Lifebox Foundation 2013 Annual Review


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