5 Laptop with good performance and prices less than $ 500

5 Laptop with good performance and prices less than $ 500

Choosing the best laptop is hard. Finding the right balance between your specifications and the right price will require a lot of research among many laptop models.

So how do you get a laptop for less than $ 500, and it fits well with your needs?

This is very easy with Chromebooks, since the OS Chrome OS does not require high hardware specifications such as Windows, so you can run this system on a machine with a good processor, less storage capacity and less random access memory, and it is known that these specifications These components are determined by the price of the laptop.

Because Chromebooks are cloud-based first, you do not need a lot of compact storage, and it’s right for you if you spend most of your time browsing, writing, playing video, or playing Android games.

But even though Chromebooks can run Chrome OS OS, they can run Android apps, but some people need Windows to run more software and applications, but this requires a faster processor with more cores, random access memory Larger – 8 GB is the minimum – and more storage space for running applications and the same operating system.

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