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Welcome to the Independent Contractor Portal. We are very glad to have you on board. You will find all the resources you need to help you become a success.

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READ THIS FIRST: Before you can begin getting paid as a contractor, Emmantech Ltd needs a completed W-9 form. Simply visit the link below, fill in the form, print and return back to: [email protected].
NOTE: You should be able to type answers directly in the form without needed to print it out physically first.

STEP 1: Reputation Management Training

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Training and Prospecting Resources

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Supporting Documents (Links)

Tools to find clients organically:

Niches to go for (* = probably affected from the current COVID-19 lockdown)


Air Duct Cleaning

Appliance Repair

Auto Body Repair

Auto Glass Repair

Auto Mechanics

Auto/Home Insurance

Basement Waterproofing

Beauty Spa*


Carpet Cleaner


Cleaning Service

Computer Repair

Concrete Service

Deck Repair



Event Planning*

Fence Installation & Repair

Financial Advisor


Garage Door


Hair Salon*

Handyman Services

Home Care Provider

Home Inspection

Home Theatre Installation

Hot Tub Movers





Junk Removal

Landscaping (Seasonal)

Limo & Party Bus*


Mortgage Brokers

Moving Companies



Pain Management


Personal Chefs

Personal Trainers*

Pest Control



Pool Services

Powder Coating

Pressure Washing


Rehab Centers

Residential Remodeling


Snow Removal (Seasonal)



Tree Care

Well Repair

Window Cleaning

Window Tinting


STEP 2: Business Reputation Audit Tool

STEP 3: Take payment from client + Client Discount Deals

Longevity and reassurance to the client that we’re in it for the long haul is key to building a longer term relationship with the client and tells them that we actually care about them.

DEAL 1: Pay for 6 months upfront / Get 1 month free
** $250 Bonus to Sales Rep –  for securing this deal

DEAL 2: Pay for 12 months upfront / Get 2 months free
** $500 Bonus to Sales Rep –  for securing this deal

IMPORTANT GOAL: Recurring Monthly Payment is our first preference for clients to setup during payment stage. Please refer to FAQ #5 below for full details.

STEP 4: Client Onboarding Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1) What is my monthly Sales Target?

You will be expected to sell to 20 businesses per month. Emmantech Ltd reserves the right to amend these targets and will inform all Sales Reps prior to any changes. We will support you however possible to enable you to reach and surpass this monthly sales target.

2) Is there a bonus for exceeding the monthly Sales Target?

Yes! You will get a $100 bonus payment for exceeding the monthly Sales Target.

3) Is the first preference for clients to setup a Recurring Payment Monthly?

Yes! In the payment page, you will notice two options:

1) Recurring Payment Monthly
– Please focus on pushing this option to the client as this benefits them so the service can run without a break due to outstanding payments.

2) Send Invoice Monthly
– This simply means that the client wants to receive the invoice before making a manual payment. This is not the best options as it gives more admin work for the client. Therefore, it should not be the primary method that you promote. It should only be used at the worst case scenario as a backup means.

4) Due to COVID-19 'stay at home' policy, sales would be over the phone. Should we always ask for the business owner?

Yes, the business owner or the primary decision maker authorised to signup to the service would be the ideal person to speak to.

5) When the customer has a bad review, how do they address the problem and make the review better?

When a review is already live on Google My Business or Facebook Business Page, they cannot be deleted or removed. The best approach for bad reviews is to address them by replying to the review directly. This is easy to do via Google Reviews or Facebook Business Page where they supply a “REPLY” function under each review. Our software is aimed at flooding the reviews with positive and recent reviews and this affects the overall average ratings positively.

We would love your thoughts and questions, please submit using the link below: