Does fingerprint come back to iPhone again?

Does fingerprint come back to iPhone again?

Since the iPhone X and smart phones began to rely on facial recognition technology as a means of verification of identity rather than fingerprint, but the latest reports from Apple Insider tells us that Apple may come back and revive the fingerprint recognition technology again!

Fingerprint recognition technology in the iPhone Touch ID may come back in parallel with face recognition technology. Most likely, Apple will also update its fingerprint recognition technology in 2019 or other upcoming versions.

Apple will not rely on the traditional fingerprint sensor because it is not suitable for the new designs of the iPhone instead will resort to the integrated fingerprint recognition technology within the screen, which began to see the light recently.

Built-in fingerprint recognition technology relies on ultrasonic sensors to map fingerprint details and then compare them to the fingerprint previously recorded on the phone, so users have two options to confirm their identity each time they need to. If that is true, Apple will not abandon the technology Face ID The fingerprint sensor will not be an alternative anyway.

Are you with the return of Touch ID to iPhone?

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