Hyundai unveils solar charging system

Hyundai unveils solar charging system

Hyundai has announced its plan to introduce a solar electric charging system that can be applied to specific models from the Hyundai Group in a move aimed at enriching the future of environmentally friendly vehicles. These solar panels are installed on the roof of the car and hood to compensate for consumption in hybrid and electric vehicles. More energy, fuel efficiency and mileage.

The technology is developed to support the main power source of the vehicle and increase the mileage it cuts while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint. The technology can charge both electric and hybrid batteries, as well as fuel engines, to significantly improve fuel efficiency.

The Hyundai cluster is developing 3 varieties of star charging systems: the Celcon star ceiling system, the semi-transparent star roof system and also the light-weight star cowl system, that is placed on the whole body of the vehicle.

The first sort, Hybrid cars area unit created of chemical element star panels and put in on the roof of the vehicle, enhancing their capability, charging up to a half-hour to an hour of the battery per day, counting on the encircling climate.

The second system can support fuel cars for the primary time within the world, equipped with power transmission panels, offer the driving force a way of roominess and might be put in on bird’s-eye sunroofs. star charging systems facilitate fuel cars increase vehicle exports by facultative them to contemplate automobile carbon emission standards and rates set by international standards.

While the third the eco-friendly system, that continues to be being studied, are supplementary to the system and can maximize the quantity of energy generated by putting in star panels on each the hood and also the roof. The star charging system consists of electrical phenomenon panels, The battery is charged once the electrical device turns the sunshine into electricity.

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