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How we designed a website for Atlantic Fire Ltd. in London to help meet the needs of many different audiences.



Atlantic Fire Ltd. needed a website to meet the needs of their target audience. They required a website characterized a modern Fire Services organisation with web pages that took little time loading and up to date fonts which were friendly to the visitors. Similarly, a website which the audience could easily navigate through it with drop-down menus, excellent bespoke design and use of standard style. We started by first understanding the organisation’s dreams and goals and how they could be achieved by incorporating the new website.


The website targeted the overall community since their services were essential in all homes and organizations. To get the audience’s attention we needed to sell our programs and to effectively create a need in the customer by being creative and informed. We designed appropriate presentations that could speak to our target audience. Many people view some of these services not necessary or decorative features hence the need to communicate to the audience with this mentality. The fire safety messages were done through presentations.


We used visual content to keep the customer engaged and move them to order for the services. Visual content took our website to the next level since visual elements are used to explain a concept better than words. We used photos to support our products in the best possible way hence creating impressions of what we sold.


Social media and the website could work together to promote the organization online brand and help the social platform to become more visible. We posted social share and follow buttons to make the content shareable. This improved the user content by helping increase awareness of our content. By keeping it easy and simple there has been increased content sharing.

  • Client: Atlantic Fire Ltd
  • Category: Websites / WordPress
  • Skills used: Website Design, Website Development. Responsive Web Design, Content Management System

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