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How we successfully created a new website with clear navigation for Chinite Home Care of London to meet the needs of their target audience.



The existing website of Chinite home care was outdated and could not meet the needs of the audience. The website was characterized by slow web pages which could take up to 3 seconds loading. Similarly, the site composed of outdated text and fonts which were unfriendly. The navigation mistakes were very alarming since there were no drop-down menus, too many items in the navigation, and the use of substandard style. We embarked on this new project by first gathering the organization’s information. It involved having a good understanding of Chinite Home Care’s dreams and goals and how the website could help them in achieving those goals. Since we always place the needs of our clients first we conducted an intensive user analysis and design to ensure the new website was easy to navigate and use for our target members.


We understood that great designs start with understanding who the target audience is. Chinite Home Care provides Adult Care services, bearing this in mind we incorporated the right design elements, such as layout, color schemes, navigation, and typography. In addition,  since we knew our audience demographics such as gender and age we understood what drives them? What are their beliefs and values? What makes them tick? This gave us an added advantage since we were in a better position to design a web that meets their needs and requirements.


We had to make sure that the web content ideas related closely to our Web Business so we did not weaken our themes with unrelated content. We checked blog sites for our industry and of our target demographic to see what people are talking about the keywords. We also incorporated Google’s blog search and typed in our keyword phrases. Also, talked to our customers, asked them some questions since what is of interest to one customer might be valuable to more.


We are now long term partners working closing with Chinite Home Care of London. We look forward to delivering more solutions to help them reach their goals.

  • Client: Chinite Home Care
  • Category: Websites / WordPress
  • Skills used: Website Design, Website Development. Responsive Web Design, Content Management System

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