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How we designed a new website for Elim Pentecostal church in Leytonstone London



To design a captivating website we needed to boost our creativity. We found through experimentation a good idea in trying to develop something that could look good on the screen. Playing around with different color combinations gave us a design that looked out and stood out. Also, a creative background image could give us an added advantage since it is captivating and our audience could be prompted to look deeper into the website. We acknowledged that if we were to be successful in this project, then the site should stand out.


Elim church targets all people since our vision is touching the world, teaching the church, and training the saints. This enabled us to map by understanding our audience’s interest that, what they expected, and what they wanted. Clients may feel frustrated if a website does not cater to their needs hence the content was mostly about spiritual nourishment. We ensured that a Sunday school program was in the drop-down to accommodate the young generation, a youth program for teenagers, and prayer programs for the older generation.


Navigation is defined as the ability of the audience to explore and move around the website. Easy navigation around the web is very crucial when designing a website. The use of website navigation tools allowed the website visitors to experience the website with great efficiency. Making it simple could make visitors and clients excited and have the urge for coming back. Elim Church website is now easy to use with the incorporation of drop-downs which presents all required menus easily.


We added links to Elim Church social media profiles that are Facebook and Twitter. This facilitated integration of social media into the website. Links to social media platforms allowed visitors and clients to easily navigate to their favorite network to find more information about the church, contact them, or share content. By allowing users to sign-up or log-in with Facebook improved user experience and increased registration conversions.


The website security was very crucial since we had to ensure that website data was not exposed to cyber-criminals and prevent exploitation of anyway. We had to protect the website from DDOS attacks that slow or crashes the website, making it inaccessible to our clients and visitors. Also, we protected the website from malicious software which steals sensitive client’s data and defacement which replaces web content with malicious content

Elim Church website allowed clients and visitors to set up a standing order to support the church regularly, hence the need to incorporate facilities for securing online giving.

  • Client: Elim Church Leytonstone
  • Category: Websites / WordPress
  • Skills used: Website Design, Website Development. Responsive Web Design, Content Management System

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