What’s Your Financial Gameplan

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How we built a new website with a clear focus on E-commerce for Neala Okuromade (who is a personal Finance Author of the book series “What Your Financial Gameplan)



We were required to develop and design a website for Neala which could facilitate E-commerce. The first crucial step was understanding what was her goals and ideas. The website was a tool that could facilitate and make people aware of her coaching programs on financial need, advocate for her financial workshop and seminars, and publicize her blogs. With this information in mind, we were able to design and plot and know which content to include on the website.


Great website designs begin with understanding who is the target audience . This website was about financial coaching so we targeted people who needed advancement in their finances. With this in mind, we incorporated a branded blog which featured a variety of information about financial education. Blogs offered the opportunity to boost the search engine rankings. The financial language used was eye-catching giving our clients and visitors the urge to buy the book “What Your Financial Gameplan” and enroll for the finance workshop and seminars.


We understood that the content of the website should solve potential customer’s needs. E-resources and case studies were a great way to deliver a more in-depth experience. These lengthy contents delivers   detailed knowledge and experience. We put them behind a signup form to capture our potential client’s details for follow up.


Since Neala Okuromade could be found on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we need to integrate this on the website. We made it very easy to navigate between these social media platforms, by using bold, attention-grabbing images and fascinating headlines to encourage a click-through.


Visual content in the website could play a great role in keeping our clients and visitors

Engaged and urging them to buy the book. We acknowledged that influential visual content could take the website to the next level. A visual element sticks more hence can be used to explain better than words.

  • Client: What’s Your Financial Gameplan
  • Category: Websites / WordPress
  • Skills used: Website Design, Website Development. Responsive Web Design, Content Management System

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