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How we successfully designed a new website for Your Local Lets in Bristol, UK



When it comes to designing a website, creativity is very vital so that it can stand out. We set off by understanding the content, goals, and objectives of the organization. The visuals we choose to display alongside the content were very supportive. Also, we took time in the development process and we did not wait until the last minute when the job was due. We got inspiration elsewhere that is galleries, reading books, and watching videos. Similarly, by using a creative background image, gave us an added advantage by capturing the eyes of the audience.


Great website design begins by knowing the target audience. By understanding our customers we choose the right color schemes, layout, navigation, typography, and the right design elements. Knowing the audience better increased our capacity to design a website that meets their needs and requirements. We stepped into our clients’ shoes by thinking about what they could be looking for on the site, and how it could be easy to find that information. The website targeted landlords and tenants.


We posted some of the customer’s feedback on the website this played an important role in gaining trust and confidence from our target audience since they saw happy contented Landlords’ comments. Their messages of contention were selling points for the organizations’ services.


Our main audience who are young tenants and Landlords were actively mobile users, so they could assess the website through mobile devices. By developing a responsive website that could work well on different devices was important. This does not only ensure each user views the website but also assists to feature proof the website to work for the devices in future.

  • Client: Your Local Lets
  • Category: Websites / WordPress
  • Skills used: Website Design, Website Development. Responsive Web Design, Content Management System

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