SpotiFy clamps down on ad blocking tools

SpotiFy clamps down on ad blocking tools

Spotify has updated its Terms of Service to take a tougher stance on ad blocking tools in the updated Terms of Service, up to the prohibition of accounts used for blocking and blocking tools, starting March 1.

Sputivay’s free version users installed software that blocks ads or modified versions of Spotify to prevent the platform from triggering in-app ads.

The number of users seems to have increased in response to Sputivay, which offers two copies of its free and paid service for $ 9.99 per month.

Spotify Premium user gets unlimited access to the platform’s music library without any ads.

Free users can listen to 15 on-demand lists from popular platform lists, which are customized to their users’ tastes, but they also have to listen to the ads intermittently.

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Some users tried to skip ads by installing ad blocking tools, but the platform response was not delayed.

“We have updated our Terms of Use, which shows that all types of ad blocking software, tracking software, and phishing activities are not allowed,” the music and podcast service said in an email to users.

SputePay does not allow the circumvention or blocking of advertisements or the creation or distribution of tools designed to prevent advertisements in the service.

If a free account using ad blocking tools is detected, the platform will terminate or suspend the account immediately.

This is a remarkable change compared to the previous platform policies, sending an e-mail message to users alerting them that their account was disabled due to the use of ad blocking software, giving them an opportunity to remove the ad blocker and restore access to the account.

With this new change, Sputivay has the right to terminate the account immediately if it detects that the user is running the ad blocking software.

Sputivay recently noted that the accounts used for ad blocking software are on the rise, and that this costs the company more.

The platform had earlier begun cracking down on unauthorized Android applications that allow people to access the service without ads.

In March, it said about 2 million users, or about 1.3 percent of its user base at the time, were using ad blocking software while using the free version of the application.

Revenue from paid subscriptions represents almost the total value of SpotPay sales or 88 percent, according to its fourth quarter 2018 report, which showed a 36 percent increase in subscribers to 96 million.

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